How to generate quality leads for your business

Individuals and businesses from a recent survey said that they are not getting quality leads for their business through digital sources. One of whom actually went to say that “online leads are junk” and are mostly low value to the business.

Online leads are Junk

Think about it.

How many of you out there recently opened a browser and search on google? Multiply that by the number of people doing it at this second.

Let’s put this into perspective. According to internet live stats, Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average (visualize them here), which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

Think about what you are losing per day for not having a digital presence.

Online presence for a business is a given

Most businesses or professionals understand the value of having a professional looking websites as this essentially acts as a storefront which creates the first impression to the end user.

Unfortunately this is all most people see. What the general public fail to understand what is below the surface, what happens behind the scene.

Having a website does not guarantee you traffic or visitors to you. People will still need to navigate through the WWW to find your site.

Just like any other brick and mortar business, they will need to find you before they can buy or engage in your product or services.

Hence having a website is just the beginning.

Now that you have your website live. It is most important to understand and learn how different factor actually play a part in driving the bottom line to your business by increasing quality leads and traffic to your site.

Out of this ever growing number of impressions online there will definitely be some spam out there. Businesses may have experienced leads that came through your website which are not of high value which leads to the stereotyping that all online leads are junk.

Customers may have contacted you as they are in the market but perhaps not ready to engage your services.

How to Increase Quality Leads Online.

As digital marketers we are here to implement different strategies, develop assets and implement targeting that cut through the noise and make sure that right message comes across to the target audience at the right time. It comes down to analytics and how marketers use data to understand the customer journey.

The benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing channels is that it can provide a transparent view of where the customer is at with their journey and see how they have engaged the brand.

  • Start gathering a list
  • Create content that is engaging to your audience
  • Include email automation to nurture the audience
  • Solve their particular problem
  • Build remarketing campaigns to engage the non converters
  • Have campaigns targeting those who are deep in the buying cycle who are ready to buy
  • Continuous testing to improve your landing pages to improve conversion

Users may not be in the buy now but give them a reason to start a conversation with you. Remember that users are having a conversation by engaging with content online. Choose to stay where you are or innovate and be part of the conversation.

Understanding the concept of the buying cycle is crucial and should be implemented to online enquiries and their channels.

Offline leads vs Online leads

Now thinking about your offline leads, the quality of this lead will depend on how it was nurtured offline through personal referrals & word of mouth which is less transparent.

Now bring this through to digital channels, we have the ability to understand user behaviours online through tracking and analysis of what content that has been engaged and where it was engaged from.

The quality of the lead will depend on the leads have been nurtured and the journey marketing takes them through before handing it over to the sales team.

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